Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monster Hunter Strikes Again

Forgive me, as I've only just been getting back into WoW (and totally planned to write about it some more I swear), but MHG is coming out this Friday!

The Monster Hunter games are excellent and you should play them. I feel like perhaps one of the reasons more people don't play them is that they're exclusively console games, and lately have been exclusively Nintendo 3DS games. This is not an acceptable reason to not play them, since Nintendo handhelds are basically the only non-PC type of game system that anyone should really bother having anyway.

"Mobile gaming" was dead before it started, so if you really want to play video games while not at home, you should have a 3DS in the first place. Maybe you could get this one:


Monster Hunter games basically have everything you'd ever want. It has an excellent storyline, it has comic relief, it has extensive multiplayer capabilities, giant awesome looking monsters...

look at this, it's like a bubble flower dragon that will mess your face up

You can play exclusively by yourself if you really want to, it has collection, crafting, buffing, debuffing, a ton of different play styles, ridiculously unrealistic armor that ranges from adorable to absolutely menacing, ridiculously unrealistic weapons from gigantic to small and slow to quick, did I mention giant awesome looking monsters?

this thing is crazy seriously look are you seeing it

Not to mention tons of hours worth of gameplay, and cats. Lots of cats. In this one you can be a cat.

choose weapon type: being a cat

Basically you fight increasingly difficult bosses using any number of incredibly different types of strategies, you collect things from them, the environment, and other monsters, and make armor out of them. You probably play a game where the main point is getting better armor over and over again anyway... so why not play it in action format! With cats!

super strong cats

What's not to like about this game?

Having a 3DS also allows you to play all of the many other excellent Nintendo 3DS games. The vast majority of games that I've talked about and that I play that aren't PC games are 3DS games. Unless you basically only play MMOs and first person shooters, the only acceptable reason to not own a 3DS is that they cost money. I get that, I do. But otherwise, play Monster Hunter Generations!

Do it!

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