A Day in the Past

A fun activity for me is remembering the good ol' days. While we could argue about whether or not nostalgia as a topic is valid or not, that's not the point of these posts. If you played old expansions and like to remember things, then we can remember things together. If you didn't play old expansions and want to get a personal view as to what life was like back then, these posts will help fill in the blanks. If you hate nostalgia and think everyone who had fun in vanilla is experiencing a false memory, we can talk - but the point is, I'm putting my A Day in the Past posts up on this page for easy reference.

There are plenty of other posts that bring up the topics of the game in its early days (check some tags on the sidebar if interested), but these are a specific classification of posts that were purposefully created to follow a sort of theme.

Enjoy! Or don't, I can't tell you what to do.

In Fond Memory of My Favorite Zones

The Hinterlands

Living in the Past

Vanilla as Feral
The TBC Story
The WotLK Story

Last updated July 7th, 2016

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