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I've been playing World of Warcraft for awhile, and in that time, I have accumulated some information that others may find useful. Below, I've listed the various helpful guides that I've written so far for your convenience.

Play Help

This is a bare basics guide to help people who are having trouble learning a new class or figuring out how to adequately utilize what they have. The title is not wrong, it is a guide on how to learn how to learn how to play. It would be impossible for me to outline and detail every spec and class in game, especially considering I've never played all of them, so this guide is here to help you figure out on your own how you are supposed to play your class. The best part about this guide is that it doesn't become outdated with new patches and expansions - it is simply here to explain how to find out how to play.

These three posts are guidelines on how to up your play from good to great. Each one is centered around a general aspect of a skilled player, and it expands on each one - what they mean for you and how to utilize them in your own play. As with the previous guide, they do not outline on a class specific basis. That would be expecting quite a lot out of me. These three guides assume you already know how to play your own class and are already familiar with your class' toolkit.

This is more of a service announcement about the benefits of properly utilizing your character's ability to back up. It serves to dispel the elitist mantra of "backpedal = scrub" and explain why removing a possible direction of movement from your character only serves to damage your play ability.

Specific Guides

I've written several posts that focus on helping you out with specific aspects of the game. There are not enough of them to classify them all into separate categories or else I'd just be making an individual category for each one. This could of course change in the future when I make more guides.

This guide is NOT a professional gold making guide. This guide is for people who are chronically poor and just don't know why they can't hold onto gold. If you sometimes can't afford enchants, this guide is to help you go from broke to not exactly broke.

This guide is for people who want to pet battle but are put off by how complicated it appears to be. If you are uninterested in pet battling but feel you are forced to in order to complete achievements, this guide is here to help get you just far enough to do so.

A Caturday special, this guide was created to help people get the misleadingly difficult achievement [Crazy for Cats], which rewards the "Crazy Cat Lady/Man" title.

This guide was written to explain how to properly perform a run of the dungeon Everbloom. It is outdated, as I created the guide before both of the shortcuts in the dungeon were made unusable. There's a note on the guide itself about this, but I've chosen to keep the details of the shortcuts within the post because I feel like it's a part of the dungeon's history.


I use addons and I feel they are an integral part of World of Warcraft. Addon highlights was a continuous theme of posts I had been making, detailing some of my favorite addons. I cover their usefulness, various utilization, as well as clarifying if the addons require more or less customization or use up more memory than normal, for those of you with less powerful computers.

This post specifically pertains to how to properly care for your baby addons. Improper upkeep can cause an overflow of errors, which can slow down your game significantly.

The other addon highlights posts are linked for your convenience here:
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  3. Impending Warlords Edition
  4. Master Plan

Last Updated: May 30 2015

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