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Peppered throughout my blog, you may notice posts and information regarding various crafts. Other than playing video games and being very interested in cats, I also like to craft things. I am particularly interested in leatherworking and different types of jewelry, though I also enjoy painting miniatures and putting together model kits. I periodically have posts featuring the topic or the creation of some crafts and this page serves as a central information location as well as a directory to related posts.


Introduction post: Professions IRL

I've always been more or less creative, though as a child I started out attempting to be an artist. That fell through pretty hard after still being pretty bad after years of practice and art classes, and only later on did I realize I was much better at - and more enjoyed - creating actual things with materials.

One of my biggest inspirations for creating is the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I started going at a very young age with my father. The environment itself makes me think about the processes that people went through to create the things they needed for a life without factories and machinery. As a child, I loved to browse through and examine every single stall and all of the handmade goods that the vendors had created themselves. It was one of the first things that made me realize, "people make things. I could make things."

And then, of course, there's video games. Professions within games are unsurprisingly one of my favorite features. If something made inside of a game is very cool, I'll think about how much cooler it would be if I could make it in real life. I've seen other people make some of these things before and I hope one day to be at a level where I could make super cool stuff.

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Crafts For Real

I have friends who enjoy crafting and use their talents as a source of income. I've linked a few on my blog side bar; I genuinely believe they make great creations, and if you're interested in cool stuff made by cool people, I would recommend checking them out.

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Serephitic Embroidery

I have my own Etsy at Rawhide Hemp where you can place a custom order or purchase some things I've already made to support me. I have no plans of putting up a blog patreon, begging for donations, or putting up ads on my blog, so if you've ever been inclined to give me money, please do so by purchasing something I've created. If you can't afford anything or just don't personally like my products but still want to help support me, you can like, retweet or share on Facebook pictures of my products and shop advertisements.

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