Pascalcraft, Defined

Welcome to one little Warcraft-centric blog in the swirling vortex of infinite cyberspace that makes up the internet.

Oh, plus cats.

Pascalcraft started as my first legitimate dive into blogging. Sure, I've been using the internet since 1997, but I'm not sure if any of that could be considered legitimate. I started out not entirely sure what direction I wanted to go, just that I wanted to post about World of Warcraft. Today, I'm still just as lost on which direction I'd like to go, branching out into other topics that stay somewhat relevant to the culture and interests surrounding WoW, like Dungeons and Dragons, other RPGs, and gaming in general.

Though a lot of my inspiration to begin this adventure came from other Warcraft bloggers who are well known and respected in the community, I have no aspirations to become an internet sensation. I genuinely enjoy writing and I've always had a desire to write lots and lots of words about things that I'm interested in, but I had no outlet where these words could exist. I frequently wrote incredibly unnecessarily long forum posts on topics that were of interest to me, eventually realizing that they were not only becoming lost in the aforementioned swirling vortex of the internet, but that probably no one was reading them.

With the creation and existence of this blog, I have created a home for for my large number of words, as well as the illusion that people are reading them. If you're an actual person reading and understanding these words, I'm genuinely grateful that you're giving me your time and attention. I want to write things that I like, but I'd also hope that other people could enjoy these things as well.

Realistically, I update three times a week. I find joy in writing, even when I feel pressured to, as long as I have something to write about. If I sincerely have no drive to write when I have a scheduled post due, I tend to construct a cop-out post, or wait a day and update on an unscheduled day. It would be a disservice to myself and others to waste our time with something I don't care about.

I appreciate any dialogue you'd like to share with me, and have every intention of responding to any comments you'd have for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Last Updated January 24 2015

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