Thursday, February 11, 2016

Text Based Building

I've mentioned building before, and I also mentioned how it's kind of tough to write about. It's hard to talk about, too. Every time someone asks me what I've been doing lately, it's a choice between "basically nothing," or attempting to explain this building process to them.

I'm going to try to shed a little more light on it today and what exactly I'm talking about.

If this is your first time hearing about this and you aren't already bored, I initially wrote a post to explain exactly what Cleft of Dimensions is, and then I briefly and inadequately explained what building is in a different post. If you already know what a MUD is, it's that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Great Readjustment

I'm playing WoW again.

I hope you didn't forget me

I struggled with deciding to reup my subscription or not for a few days. I planned on getting Legion from the beginning, that plan didn't change, but I had been piecing together a long term plan.

First, I would prepurchase Legion, which I still have to do and am planning on asking for it for my birthday. Secondly, I would, as money allowed, transfer a few of my characters over to Chromaggus.

Why the transfer? First, some backstory to catch you up:

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Realistic Expectations

I had an interesting ritual of acting like I was going to start writing again, and then not doing it. At this point, I haven't written since November of last year.

so many missed caturdays

I acted like I was going to hype up some Dungeons and Dragons posts, and then I never wrote them. Not sure where my motivation went, but I've been playing a new campaign lately and we're already, like, eight play sessions in, and I obviously haven't written about it at all.

I've been building in Cleft of Dimensions, which if you're wondering about that you can just look at the next post down since that was the last thing I wrote about in November, of last year. I've built two areas and will be starting a new one tomorrow or Monday, based on Sunsnug Isle in MH4U. My first area was based on Animal Crossing (no single one in particular) and my second one was actually based on Spirited Away, the 2001 Miyazaki film. My second one was three times as large as my first one, which was quite tough but I pulled through.

it's about 75% source accurate with some personal additions and deviations