Here at Pascalcraft, we really appreciate cats. In fact, I'd say we celebrate cats.

how did they get them to keep the hats on though for real

And by we I of course mean I, because it's just me here, writing about video games and cats.

A lot of my posts utilize cats to depict emotions or events rather than people, since cats are cuter anyway. I also frequently feature Caturday on Saturdays unless I forget or am in a video game binging induced coma.

This page (should be) regularly updated to have a link to every Caturday post for your cat picture browsing convenience.

caturday list is longer than long cat!
  1. Caturday Premier!
  2. It's Caturday!
  3. Caturday's Back!
  4. Caturday, What A Day!
  5. Caturday, Spending All Week With Mew!
  6. Crazy For Cats
  7. It's Not Saturday, It's Caturday!
  8. Caturday Abridged
  9. And Suddenly Caturday!
  10. Caturday - Technically Every Day
  11. Oh Glorious Caturday
  12. Caturday The Sequel
  13. Caturday! - Business Cat
  14. Certified Organic Locally Grown Caturday
  15. Catbox Day
  16. Big Caturday!
  17. Ice Skating Caturday
  18. Brave Caturday
  19. Kirinday
  20. Miscellaneous Caturday
  21. Home Sweet Caturday
  22. Get Out the Way! It's Caturday!
  23. Cats and Crap
  24. Catur Game Day
  25. Oops I Caturday'd Again
  26. Cat Circus
  27. Sleepy Caturday
  28. Caturday Revival

Last Updated August 22 2015

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