Monday, August 29, 2016

Legion Lunch

For lunch today I'll be having some Legion. At 3AM. It's a new fad, like brunch. So, anyway.

Where have I been? Not playing WoW very much, that's for sure. I completely threw away any chance I had to get the Groove Warden and I didn't prepare. At all. Much contrast to how I was behaving at WoD launch.

credit where credit's due

Unfortunately, most of that energy probably would have been better conserved for this release. At least, I can hope that assessment is correct. We'll see!

I mentioned many times how I intentionally kept myself in the dark about the expac. I did get more hints and spoilers than I hoped I would, but that's okay, I still don't know what's going on in the zones and am pretty lost on the lore.

I wasn't going to play at launch, but due to being in a pretty rad socially active guild, I decided it might be the most fun launch to date. My hardcore guilds of the past were very competitive, everyone for themselves on release, and my other casual guilds were so particularly casual that they didn't do anything for launch. So it's looking like it could be a good one. If the servers cooperate.

Maybe I'll start writing WoW posts again! Gasp!

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