Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reformat the Remix

So I managed to start up Caturday after two months only to skip four post days in a row. I had two or three drafts sitting around, but I've been much busier than normal lately and just skipped out entirely. Once September is over, the majority of my tasks will be completed and I should have sufficient time to write.

busy teaching cats to take and upload their own pictures

One of the posts I was going to make was about city building and regular building games, featuring my two favorites Terraria and Banished. Well, I had to reformat my laptop and, while I tried to save my Terraria world - and still have yet to see if I was successful, my most recent thriving and bustling Banished town has been obliterated. Without time to actually play as it is, that post will have to wait.

The most exciting news about Warcraft that I have is that I'm currently reinstalling it after the reformat.

Oh, why did I reformat? What is this, an interrogation?

it's this cat's fault

I have been dabbling in a little Hearthstone lately because I just picked up a tablet, but honestly my laptop is usually closed and off to the side recently as is. I had been putting off reformatting it for weeks because I didn't want to have to go through all... all this, like I currently am.

I don't have to answer any of your questions, it's a long story okay? Gosh.

army cat drones did it

So I can't even play any computer games to write about them until I reinstall them. A new Colonial Charters update came out for my favorite Banished mod while I was busy not playing it, so I probably would have started a new town anyway.

The good news is that the reformat went well and my laptop will see a full recovery.

it's resting in bed

Look, don't worry about why, just know that everything worked out in the end.

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