Saturday, August 22, 2015

Caturday Revival

I haven't done Caturday for about two months. Whoops. I never intended to stop, persay, but it got really easy to skip. I also skipped last Wednesday - but this week has been incredibly busy, so I have plenty of excuses.

Since I haven't done Caturday in so long, I decided that instead of giving myself a way out of it by trying to think of a theme and possibly not coming up with anything, I'm going to make it about my own cats.

these ones

If you're here because you're one of the people who see my cats on a regular basis, you may have seen these pictures before. I can only get so many interesting pictures at a time, since the cats are usually

just lazing around.

But I'm also going to talk about them a little bit, in case you've just started tuning in recently. And also because I want to, because they are my cats and I think they're great. Surprising, I know.

I have three babies cat - starting with the oldest one, Toonaphish.

too lazy to move

He's a very big strawberry blonde tabby. Our vet said that he is a faux tabby, but I can't find any information about that on the internet. Everyone knows if it's not on the internet, it's not real - so who knows. He's currently about three and a half years old. He is the closest to me and will sleep next to me at any chance during any time of the day or night. If he can't lie down next to me, he'll crawl right on top of me and headbutt my face until he's comfortable. He weighs around 16 pounds, so he definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

For how lovable he is with me, we tell visitors not to touch him - he's actually temperamental around strangers and particularly loves to come up to people like he wants to be friends, but bites them if they touch him. If someone is a regular visitor, he will become accustom to them and allow them to pet and cuddle with him for varying, unknown lengths of time before he decides to deny them again. I like to show off that I can pick him up, dance with him, play with his feet, and rub my face in his belly without being bit or scratched. He does allow some stranger head pats, but don't overstay your welcome.

The second cat we adopted is a grey tabby named Fishcake.

shadow cat

He was already eight months when he was adopted, making him a little over two and a half years old now. He's long and skinny, except for a particularly prominent belly flap - along with that and some other particular features, we think he may have some bengal in him. He hates being picked up, but will choose to cuddle at his discretion. His headbutts are particularly enthusiastic and sometimes his face rubs seem to be incredibly urgent, like he has to rub his face all over you or he'll just die. He's a weird one.

He's much more vocal than the other cats, and tends to trill instead of meow at people. If you don't know, cats only really meow at people. Cats communicate with each other through chittering, trilling and a lot of non-vocal cues, but they only meow as kittens. They retain their meow to communicate with humans, basically their version of yelling "hey!" at us until they get their message across. But Fishcake trills at us. I don't know if he thinks people are cats or is just giving us too much credit, but it's adorable.

Finally, the youngest is Kirin.

looking fetch

We broke the fish-related names streak with this little tuxedo. We're fairly sure he has siamese in him - he has a similar temperament and his face and eye shape is highly indicative of it. He's still under a year, hitting eight months recently. He's still a kitten and he lets you know it, but we think he might be gigantic when he grows up. He has a much longer tail, toes, and just overall body than the other cats, and he's already about the size of Fishcake. Toona is still bigger, but Kirin's not done growing yet, so we'll have to see!

We adopted Kirin from a foster home, the foster mom found him outside her house on top of the tire of a parked car in the winter. When we adopted him, he had severely enlarged lymph nodes and the vet cautioned that it could be lymphoma, which would have meant he had a maximum of maybe two years before he would be overcome. We had a large number of tests done and it turned out to be a severe infection rather than deadly cancer. He's recovered and is raising appropriate levels of hell at 3am like any normal healthy kitten.

All three cats get along, though there are some noticeable spats.

Kirin and Fishcake may be the most confrontational pair - while Toona and Fishcake will mock fight, I think Kirin tends to harass Fish outright. When Toona and Fish play, they wrestle, while Kirin outright chases Fish around and out of rooms. They got along better when Kirin had just been introduced to the bunch, so I'm not sure what may happen in the future.

I'm no Jackson Galaxy, but I think it may be a hierarchy thing.

They have their own little spots, but Kirin and Toona and Fish and Toona will share spots, while Fish and Kirin tend to not share spots.

Toona likes this laundry basket

Fish likes the bed under the table

...while Kirin loves the sink and the bathroom

I have trouble brushing and clipping all them of them. Kirin likes to bunny kick the crap out of me when I clip his claws, Toona bites me (the only time he really does) and growls, while Fishcake just squirms uncontrollably. I clip through the kicking and biting, but the squirming is actually the most problematic - I don't want to mess up the clip and hurt him!

They all hate being brushed, but Toona doesn't know how he feels about it. He rubs his face on the brush, but bites it and squirms when I start actually brushing him. Kirin hates any hairbrush, and will attack hairbrushes while people are brushing their hair in the bathroom. Fishcake would call the ASPCA on me if he could because I'm pretty sure he thinks being brushed is abuse.

the nerve of some humans
Fishcake is bold and unashamed.

can I help you

 Toona is going through cat puberty.

no one understands me

Kirin thinks everything is food.


And Fishcake doesn't do drugs - while the only time I've seen Toona and Kirin sincerely fight each other is over catnip.

I'm freaking out, man!

Well, we're back on track - hopefully. Have a great Caturday!

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