Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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I will write about that DnD session like I promised. Today is not the day I do that, however.

Today I'm playing Cleft of Dimensions, again.

yeah this one

I never really get tired of CoD (which obviously doesn't stand for Call of Duty in this context), but I just end up playing something else and forgetting about it for awhile. Then I go back to it and play it until something else comes up.

It happened backward this time - I was playing Skyrim for a few days, never intended to stop, but CoD was calling me. Now I'm in a rush to get to 100 so I can remort (restarting the same character, with perks) because I'm only playing the class I am now in order to get a few moves that work really well with the class I actually want to play.

The class I'm playing right now is very combat heavy - it's a Gladiator, which evolves from the Warrior class, so that should be no surprise. I have a "rage" bar and a lot of moves that are cool to use and alternate between, so it's not like it's not fun. I'm able to fight things that are massively higher level than me, making leveling a quick process. I was 44 when I logged on yesterday, I'm 64 now, and I've been easily dispatching enemies that are 10-15 levels higher than me.

and able to wreck things in quick succession - also something I'm not used to

I was fighting level 60 mobs when I first logged back in (at 44), and the only reason the mobs I'm fighting now are only 5-8 levels higher than me is because there is a slight gap between level ~70 and ~80 mobs that are within reasonable reach. They exist, but this is more effective all things considered.

Anyway, Blizzard really almost got me to come back.

what sound do moose make

It was quite an internal struggle. I want this mount. I want the hell out of this mount. If I wasn't certain that I was coming back for Legion, and if I didn't have some sliver of hope, no matter how hopeless it seems, that the game will be fun again, then I wouldn't care at all. But I love this mount for a druid and it was killing me. I understand that I could get it - I could reup, I could grind gear, find pugs, and work hard for this beautiful moose - but in all reality, would it be worth it?

The idea of missing out on this mount, assuming that I play WoW seriously again after Legion, is very disheartening. As a fan of the druid T2 set and general Cenarion Circle-style aesthetic, this mount is possibly the more appealing one I've ever see. But the pros - which is only one, "having the moose" - shrivel in comparison to the cons.

Just thinking about logging back into my garrison makes me feel irritated in real time. If I ever needed to act in a scene where I was just outrageously disappointed and annoyed, I would just need to imagine logging into WoW and seeing my garrison.

thank you, thank you

If I hadn't stopped playing without getting basically any HFC gear, then maybe it would be more realistic, but we're talking about learning every fight in the raid, getting enough gear, and - as far as I know - failing a multitude of times in pugs before I would be successful, all the while having it be a tiresome chore, as I don't find the game to be fun.

Bummer. Maybe they'll make a watered down version for casual scrubs so I can have one and annoy the kind of people that I used to be.

As a final note, I've finally updated my posting schedule to be more realistic:

theoretically updated
monday and wednesday
or whenever I get around to it

I also have to clean my house before Thursday. Peace!

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