Friday, January 16, 2015

Grandpa Multi-User Dungeon

Before there were MMOs, there were MUDs. An older guildmate of mine actually told me that MMOs were originally referred to as "graphical MUDs". . .

Now I don't know how true that is, but MUDs are text based games where you explore vast and mysterious worlds, but just, like, with words.

they're very intense

There are a lot of them, but I've been playing one in particular that's very well made and maintained, Cleft of Dimensions.

CoD is an amalgamation of references from a myriad of video games and anime. There are references from Pokemon, Earthbound, Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Miyazaki movies like Kiki's Delivery Service, and tons of others.

There are no 'graphics' though there are some maps made out of text, and certain places have 'pictures' (made of text) to accompany some areas and quests.

It of course has classic RPG elements like stats and equipment

complete with confusing rules for armor class and saving throws

there are even more ridiculous pieces of armor than these don't worry

Areas have descriptions and directions you can move, including what's in the room. There could be things in the description that aren't detailed underneath, though! You can also get ambushed when walking around a hostile area.

yes I have a pet chain chomp

Abilities incur 'lag' when you use them, meaning you can't mindlessly chain abilities during combat, or you might find yourself doing attacks you typed in a full minute ago while in need of drinking a healing potion or escaping.

You can practice skills up to 60% proficiency, the rest of the way you get by using your abilities as often as possible. Weapons skill up on autoattack swings, and abilities like dodge skill up by random chance - when you successfully make a dodge.

The program you can use to run the MUD (featured on the front page of the link provided at the beginning) has three panels. The main panel, featured in all of the other pictures, an auxiliary panel where you can have either an overworld map or area map, if one is available...

this is the starting city, Truce, featured in Chrono Trigger

or a reactive combat frame...

enemies you're fighting are in the middle, and any allies will show up as well

 and a chat panel.

That's basically it! The community is pretty tight-knit and everyone is rather friendly and helpful. I've played it before, but just recently got back into it and have been playing it for a few weeks. Once you reach level 100 with a character, you can 'remort' which basically means start over, but with some benefits. That's why I'm only level 24 right now, even though I hit 100 yesterday!

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