Saturday, February 6, 2016

Realistic Expectations

I had an interesting ritual of acting like I was going to start writing again, and then not doing it. At this point, I haven't written since November of last year.

so many missed caturdays

I acted like I was going to hype up some Dungeons and Dragons posts, and then I never wrote them. Not sure where my motivation went, but I've been playing a new campaign lately and we're already, like, eight play sessions in, and I obviously haven't written about it at all.

I've been building in Cleft of Dimensions, which if you're wondering about that you can just look at the next post down since that was the last thing I wrote about in November, of last year. I've built two areas and will be starting a new one tomorrow or Monday, based on Sunsnug Isle in MH4U. My first area was based on Animal Crossing (no single one in particular) and my second one was actually based on Spirited Away, the 2001 Miyazaki film. My second one was three times as large as my first one, which was quite tough but I pulled through.

it's about 75% source accurate with some personal additions and deviations

Building actually involves a good amount of writing - I describe all the rooms, items, mobs, and also have to compose interesting quests and dialogue, along with coding the whole thing to operate as desired. Maybe that's where all my writing motivation goes - if I spend all day writing up an area, I'm exhausting my writing desires on that and not really finding a need to write any blog posts.

I kept my promise about not paying attention to Legion updates. I see things on twitter every here and there, I saw a tweet that was very hard not to investigate that said "For balance druids complaining about Glyph of Stars and starfall," or something along those lines. Really tough not to look into things like that, but I've held back so that I can go into Legion as confused as possible.

I can't wait

I know I'm setting myself up to be as behind the curve as possible when Legion comes out, but that's okay. I've been gone from WoW for so long honestly, and my life is really in an entirely new stage, that when I go back, I'm fairly sure I'm going to be casual beyond recognition. I definitely want to play it, but I just really don't see a place for me to be a serious progression raider in my life anymore. I've considered briefly a few times recently on spending some gold to reup my subscription, but I remember garrisons, and that desire dissipates.

Maybe I'll feel different when Legion is actually out, who knows.

Anyway, I forgot that the point of this post was to say that for once, I have realistic expectations about my blog updates. They will be, from here on out:

  • whenever

Possibly more posts when I'm playing Legion. So, expect regular updates Soon™.

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