Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Great Readjustment

I'm playing WoW again.

I hope you didn't forget me

I struggled with deciding to reup my subscription or not for a few days. I planned on getting Legion from the beginning, that plan didn't change, but I had been piecing together a long term plan.

First, I would prepurchase Legion, which I still have to do and am planning on asking for it for my birthday. Secondly, I would, as money allowed, transfer a few of my characters over to Chromaggus.

Why the transfer? First, some backstory to catch you up:

I've been a hardcore player since the beginning. I started playing when I was 16, I didn't care about school, and I had little to no social life, so I had all the time in the world to play as extensively and with as much determination as possible. I got older, and my lifestyle still permitted almost infinite time to dedicate to this game.

Within the last few years, my life has become more complex. I'm an adult now, apparently, and I'm going to have more responsibilities. It's not that I couldn't continue to dedicate time and effort into being a hardcore player - I know a lot of people who do, and up until I stopped playing entirely recently, I was still doing it - but I don't want to.

Now, my problem, personally, with attempting to disengage myself from this playstyle is that I have a strong desire to be very very good at the game. Is it possible to be a casual and be very very good at the game? Of course! The thing is, I'm rather serious about not wanting to be hardcore. I would go so far as to say I want to travel my way across the spectrum and sit at the entirely opposite side - I want to be a casual scrub.

how do people play like this

I want to not know what's going on. I don't want to read updates, I don't want to know what's coming in a patch three months before it's out, I don't want to know every possibility and percentage chance of x y or z happening in any given location or at any given time. I want to play the game like I just started and have no idea what I'm getting into.

Given these desires, my Warcraft Recovery Plan in semi-detail:

  • Pay zero attention to what's coming in Legion.
  • Log on and do whatever.
  • Not even gonna read the boss strats.
  • What gear should I get? I don't know, whatever.
  • Transfer my characters to Chrommagus.

maybe I'll look up just a few things

The Transfer:

One key part of the Warcraft experience for me is that there are other people playing the game. I have always spent a considerable amount of time talking to and playing with other people throughout the years that I've been playing. If I'm going to be joining a random casual/social guild that possibly raids sometimes, and not know anyone there, it's going to be weird for me to adjust to them and befriend them. They might also suck. The guild could be awful, and maybe it's full of my least favorite kind of people, casual scrubs who act like they are totally hot shit.

On Chromaggus there is a guild I can join where I know the majority of the people there are friendly, and I've already raided with them a bit and I had a great time with them.

I am very good rader

There is nothing in-game tying me to my current server as everyone I know has vanished. The only thing keeping me there is money, as my entire list of mostly ~95, all over 85 alts would cost a fortune to transfer. I've been graced by a friendly person, who I will not be naming publicly because I don't want anyone to try and bother them for money, who helped make my long term plan become a much shorter term plan - I'll be able to start transferring and playing the game again as soon as I feel comfortable.

Which was... yesterday night. At some point I had cleared all of my Warcraft information from my computer, completely, so now I'm working on fixing my addons. Afterwards, I will figure out who and what I'm transferring and start my new Warcraft adventure!

still trying to put my world back together

Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of readjustment necessary. While it's possible to play the game without knowing what's going on, it's not possible to play the game without remembering how to play the game. While I'm not sure that I could ever really forget how to play a balance druid, I'm still trying to reassociate myself with it. I hopped into some LFRs while completely unprepared and I guess I'm not that far behind in gear like I usually am after quitting, since LFR doesn't drop upgrades and I'm still pulling in the top ten damage. If I actually remembered how to play, maybe I'd do even better. Doesn't really help me that I'm unfamiliar with the raid, of course, but this is the life I chose.

Hopefully this drastic playstyle change, along with a change of scenery, will help me enjoy the game again. I'm aiming for a happy medium - I don't think I want to play every day. I don't want a raiding schedule, but I'd still like to hop into a normal when I'm in the mood. The biggest challenge will be not getting motivated to join a hardcore raiding guild after I get left too far behind in progression. 

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