Friday, July 10, 2015

A Day in the Past: Winterspring

Welcome to a day of the past, the days of Winterspring before the Cataclysm.

It was one of my favorite zones in hang out in during Vanilla. Apparently, this was kinda weird, because people always asked me "what's going on in Winterspring?" I'd get whispered unusually regularly by guildies and friends who noticed I was in Winterspring who didn't understand why anyone would even be there.

is this even a zone?

I went there on both my hunter and my druid. It was a really great place, especially Darkwhisper Gorge.

yay dark and dreary deadly demons!

I liked farming herbs on my druid and I had grinded out Timbermaw rep on both toons by farming furlbogs. On Pascal, I particularly enjoyed kiting demons from the gorge up toward Everlook. Since I could feign death past demons, farming rich thorium veins was also pretty lucrative down there.

I could kite the demons on Andro, but it wasn't quite as fun since I couldn't actually kite them to death. Ferals were good at faerie fire kiting things around, but that didn't actually do much for killing them. I could, however, successfully kill the succubi as feral Andro, so I would sneak around and find them. I had to use a unique armor kit for the hybrid playstyle needed to down them, but it was always fun to solo difficult mobs. Things were much easier on Pascal, pet tanking and kiting things.

Anyway, killing the mobs was great for fun, but they also dropped lots of runecloth and if I was lucky, an eye of shadow. [The Eye of Shadow] dropped a pretty significant amount of times for me - one time I gave it to a friend, but I made a pretty penny selling them on the auction house.

I probably spent a few hours a day in Winterspring. I just liked being there. Darkwhisper Gorge and the instanced gate to Hyjal being removed in Cataclysm is something that makes me kinda sad.

I used to just come up to this gate and look at it. and dream.

In the same respect, having Hyjal become a zone was something I had been looking forward to forever, so I was excited for it in Cataclysm. It's a pretty good zone all things considered, but it was introduced so far along in the game's progression that it was nothing like I had imagined it would be all those days ago. I had always dreamed of the day that the gate would open and I could march proudly into Hyjal. Instead, I rode a dragon there. Okay substitute I guess.

Another cool thing about Winterspring was wall jumping past the mountains near the entrance into the troll village.

just dancing trolls

Shatterspear Vale was nestled in the corner of four zones and was just an easter egg. Nothing was going on there but some dancing trolls, some boats, some houses and stuff. It's now accessible through a path and of course by flying to it, and it has horde guards and other stuff going on. It used to only be accessible by wall jumping.

I went at least a dozen times, sometimes on my own for fun, and sometimes to show other people. Teaching people to wall jump was sometimes a struggle. Life grip would have been handy. I do remember just barely surviving the jump down with feral safe fall, so we would usually ask a priest to come to levitate us.

Winterspring was a great zone. I farmed herbs, ore, runecloth, epics, and furlbogs to my heart's content there, and I'm just overall a fan of snowy zones. Unsurprisingly, Storm Peaks is another zone I'm pretty fond of.

Unfortunately, Frostfire Ridge is too dreary and lava-y for me. Maybe I can move my garrison to Winterspring if I ask the goblins nicely.

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