Thursday, January 1, 2015

Professions IRL

Crafting is a pivotal part of any good RPG, MMO or otherwise. Now, that might be open to opinion, but crafting is an incredibly common feature of games, and it's one of my favorite things to do in them. Games that center around crafting and creation are some of my favorites.

this one also has dragons

I enjoyed crafting so much that I started practicing crafts. This started a few years ago, though I've only really started creating worthwhile things recently. I started with bracelets at first, then a year and a half ago I started building models. I got into painting miniatures, I've started to get the hang of leatherworking recently, and I've been dabbling in chainmaille.

For Christmas last year, I got my crafting desk, which is really just a desk, but I craft at it, so it's my crafting desk. This means that the recent holidays marks a full year that I've had an enjoyable hobby other than video games, and I'm entering this next year hoping to improve further in my abilities. My main goal is to become better at making cool stuff I can be proud of, though I'm not uninterested in looking for ways to sell my creations.

I have a lot of miniatures that I haven't painted yet
this is my drawer, there are many like it but this one is mine

I was lucky enough to get a hefty amount of full pieces of suede leather in a pack of scrap, which I've been using to make different kinds of bags. I recently made a dice bag for my friend, and it's easily the nicest bag I've made so far. I messed up the holes for the drawstring, but you can't tell in this picture so shh don't tell anyone.

I've been practicing with chainmaille links, though I've yet to make anything that great. I have several chunks of links, but they currently aren't doing anything except being linked together.

I have had trouble figuring out how to connect wide chains like this into anything interesting, though I have a few ideas that involve leather.

The only completed thing I was able to make is a bracelet. I was inspired by a pattern I saw by @Ketsuki_WoW, who makes way cool chainmaille stuff.

Bracelets may be the thing I'm best at making, which is kind of a bummer because they feel the most uninteresting to me. They are also the simplest. I've been working on making bracelets more interesting, but they're still pretty simple and it takes less than an hour to make one.

The most I've been able to do is weave beads into them, but it's less interesting than it looks since I just buy the beads at the store.

Something I'd really like to get into but seems kind of impossible at the moment since I can't just do it at a desk is metal work. It involves hefty tools and fire and going outside, so it's definitely in the far future.

My intention was to make a few posts about the creation process, which felt weird without some sort of introduction post, so I hope you enjoyed it!

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