Friday, October 24, 2014

The Homestretch

We're closing in on Warlords with only about three weeks left. While still awhile away, I forgot to keep count since back when we were in the ~40 day range, so it snuck up a bit on me. The pre-patch helped me find a stop to get off of the Hype Train for awhile, but a little more than a week of 6.0.2 and I'm back to the jitters when I think about how excited I am for November 13th.

My guild's still been actively raiding, we actually almost downed mythic Garrosh this raid week. Even though we lack 20 mythic level people, we were able to pug some good ones and particularly a mythic raider who was able to help guide us along the way. We downed mythic Paragons for the first time, though we called the raid at normal raid time for our Garrosh attempts. The [Kor'kron Juggernaut] is still guaranteed for everyone in your raid until Warlords actually comes out, so it would be nice to down him before then and not have to add another mount to my already extensive farming list.

I was actually made an officer in my guild recently. I'm just in charge of keeping things tidy - I'll be managing the guild bank, dedicated loot master, and other logistics. It's pretty cool for me, since I like that stuff. It's given me something to be distracted by, but yet another reason to be hyped for Warlords, since there isn't much to do now except get used to my responsibilities while things are casual.

wait am I doing it right

I'm going to start making my real lists of preparations soon - like making sure my subscription is set to recurring since it's actually going to expire on the 13th.

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