Monday, October 13, 2014

The Bumpy Road of Blogging

After operating under the schedule and theme that I detailed several weeks ago, I've decided to make alterations once again. I enjoy writing advice posts, but my ability to give advice and write guides is artificially limited by what is already out there - when it comes to World of Warcraft, there are tens of thousands of other people constructing guides and sharing their knowledge with the playerbase. I feel like if I have something I'm interested in, I could make a post linking to a dozen other well written guides and call it a day.

or just link to wowhead and stop updating my blog, period

Not only that, and probably the bigger reason for my decision, is that I don't want to force a post out of myself. If I can't think of a worthy topic, I don't want to spew out some forced information that is uninteresting for me - I don't believe I can write about something I don't care about, and I feel it would be a waste for anyone who took time out of their day to give my material a read.

I actually have a dozen post ideas, yet none of them really fall into my prescribed category for Monday posts. That's why you're getting this one instead. I feel that, at least until Warlords of Draenor comes out, there aren't enough relevant topics to spark interesting posts that adhere to a themed schedule.

Therefore, the plan is as follows.

I will still update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, plus Caturday. The posting schedule itself still works pretty well for me. I may, however, do additional posts on Sunday.

The "theme" of the day will cease to dictate what gets posted each scheduled day until further notice - probably a short time after WoD is out, at which time I will completely revamp the themes as I find necessary to contribute to an organized and interesting blog.

You can still expect regular updates. I do have a relevant post for Wednesday in celebration of 6.0 coming out tomorrow. Let me know if there is a theme or topic you'd be interested in seeing me write about!

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