Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Not Saturday, it's Caturday!

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Caturday! We have fluff and memes for you today plus a special feature of my favorite in-game cat pet!

as you can see, Toona is pumped for Caturday

Fishie with his naturally sad face, hiding behind the trashcan

Fishcake being unbearably cute holding his tail with his back legs

Toona and Fishie relaxing near the patio door in the early morning sun

Featuring: [Feline Familiar].

This companion pet is available from Hallow's End, but as he is cageable you may find one on the auction house. He's a black cat with a witch hat, and when you fly into the air he follows you on a broom stick! He is actually a pretty decent battle pet as well, with either a beast or magical primary ability, plus a fortification ability along with [Devour] or [Prowl]. While not in the top tier by any means, he can hold his own and I utilize him in a few niche situational battles.

Along with being adorable, cats are often hilarious

And if they aren't naturally hilarious, we'll make them hilarious

See you next week!

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