Friday, May 22, 2015

Pucking the Fug Up

While I've been pretty content to show up to some friend's guild raids and do casual stuff while I decide where I am in life and whether it's even a good idea to find a new serious guild right now, my elitist itch came back for awhile when I realized I would be locked out of [Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Cruicible] if I didn't down him before 6.2, which is currently in PTR and could come out any second now.

or like in a few months

I had some decent luck with doing pugs before, back when my guild was busy not doing any content, so I didn't think much of it until I realized that this was the final boss of the tier that I had done twice in LFR and never had any legitimate practice with.

I read up on the fight and I was relatively familiar with it, so I figured if I could just sneak into a pug that wasn't already asking for the achievement, I could just stay off the radar by not dying and just doing the dps thing I do until one of the groups I joined was good enough that we downed the boss.

Unfortunately for me, there is a niche mechanic that balance druids are known for being very good at, so I kept getting volunteered by other people who had no idea that I was unfamiliar with the fight. If I said I didn't know the fight or tried to talk them out of it, I'd probably be removed immediately anyway, so I opted to just try my best.

can't we just ask them nicely to stop throwing things

My best wasn't very good. For the first time in my life, I was removed from a pug for under performing.

I've told my story enough times. Always in high end progression guilds, always ahead of the pack, constantly finding myself carrying groups, etc. you know the drill. My guild dissolved two months ago at 8/10H and I've been casualling it up since then.

I was rather miffed at first. It was just... weird. While I was hoping to sneak in and just be acceptable, if I keep getting volunteered for this niche mechanic, I know it's obviously something I will have to work on in my own time. A pug leader isn't interested in an individual player's personal progression. The vast majority of leaders are going to kick first, ask questions never. I was expected to flawlessly perform a mechanic I've never done in a fight I've never done, and while I am pretty decent, that is simply out of my reach.

"you can't mess up even if I mess up" - pug leader

I wrote before in the earlier linked post that the new premade group finder is a pretty good replacement for not having a raiding guild, but at this point I'm making the realization that "good" is subjective here. You can find groups for almost any one of the bosses at almost any time of day, but there is no supporting team of people to help you learn and adjust to the fights and mistakes are not tolerated.

The burden to find a way to learn the fight is entirely on you, whether it's by mindfully practicing the mechanic in LFR, or joining and failing in pugs until your ears bleed.

having the TIME OF MY LIFE in LFR learning how to do ledges /s

I mean, I've been in, for example, Thogar groups where the leader said anyone who got hit by a train was being kicked, only to be hit by a train himself. Mistakes happen, but in World of Pugcraft, you are expected to perform flawlessly and even the perception of a mistake will result in your removal. One of the two groups that removed me was still in the group finder for the next three or four hours while I was looking for groups myself. Rest assured, I messed up and I understand that, but clearly the "remove all the people who make mistakes and replace them" method isn't exactly foolproof.

This is why guild groups are just superior. Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake, sometimes someone has a bad pull, but pug leaders will kick someone who messes up once without any analysis. I understand the room for mature review of performance and tactics is mostly lost on a disheveled group of strangers, but that's just precisely why pugs will never amount to the constructed organization of a guild group.

With this stage of my life, I'm not in a great position to find a progression raiding guild that would be at a level that would provide me with an actual challenge, but that feeling in my gut of wanting to clear progression content just won't go away. I tried to compromise with the premade group finder, but it's looking like that road might be even more stressful and challenging. I may have to write off my personal expectation of meaningful progression entirely until further notice.

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