Saturday, May 16, 2015

Catur Game Day

Here's a theme that I don't know how it took me this long to come up with - gaming cats.

not quite this

Welcome to Caturday, where I get slightly off topic and post pictures of cats. Today, though, we have pictures of cats gaming and playing with and technology, which is relatively on topic.

um hi excuse me I'm busy fighting zombies

I can't believe what this 11 year old just said

unless of course you tell them

experiencing technical difficulties

there's always one

tsk tsk cats these days

they say pets do mimic their owners

the ds appeals to most cats for its touch screen

some studies suggest 72% of ds owners are cats

My cats tend to stay up all night binging, passed out in a gaming induced coma each morning.

kirin really likes smash brothers but the other cats don't want to play with him

toona gets distracted by the warm glow of the sun sometimes

this time they all passed out after fighting over who would play first

Have a great Caturday, whether it's spending all day inside playing video games or otherwise. Just remember to let your cat have a turn.

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