Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Going, Going, Guano!

It's been a minute. I've been so busy lately, and yet I haven't had anything interesting enough to post about. I have a few ideas, but in the end I opted for the quieter, lazier option, and just didn't write anything.

it's not that I don't want to write, I've just been really preoccupied

I've started getting back to playing DnD, and we're setting up to restart our original campaign that we abandoned oh so many months ago due to various reasons. That's something to be excited about. We have had some new players come into the picture and new campaigns, so things have been a little up in the air lately about who we're playing with and which characters.

In general, I've just had higher priorities than video games and blog posts, which is kind of uncomfortable really. Whenever I've been free, I've been socializing, which has also been getting too frequent for my comfort.

I just don't want to shove my jewelry down anyone's throat

I did play WoW last night for the first time in awhile and raided with my buddies from another server. We crashed Thogar's trains in just a few attempts. Not sure I believe them that they said they never did him before. Still, normal difficulty doesn't have much to offer me, but at my core I think I just really enjoy casting spells at monsters because I had a blast.

but making jewelry is kind of all I've been doing lately

The biggest time sink that's been taking up my time, though, has been that whole crafting thing I mentioned before. You know, in my previous post an entire week ago that was also a cop out post. I have several opportunities to make money through crafting jewelry, leather goods, and other products, which is cool because I don't have a job.

Over the last few days, I've focused on making some unique and hopefully interesting pieces so that I could finally open an Etsy shop. I've linked it on my sidebar, and I will link it right here as well.

Clearly I need to make some exposure for myself if I hope to ever sell anything and make any money, but I'm tip toeing so carefully around because I don't want to smother everyone in links and posts about the things I've made and have for sale. That's not why I put this blog up in the first place, and while I'm sure I can avoid accidentally drowning my blog in self promoting advertisements, I'm still very wary about it.

While most people would probably be thrilled to have free internet advertising space in the form of their social media and blogging accounts, I'm sweating all the details as I try to incorporate as few, unobtrusive, but still noticeable - but not too noticeable - plugs here and there in a modest way. If my attempts to bring my products to light are ever too desperate or obnoxious, I would hope someone will let me know.

I have a few post ideas that will hopefully be at least mildly interesting so I can keep writing in the middle of my gaming drought. No new games have come around or are coming out soon that I'm excited about, though 6.2 does look like it's around the corner.

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