Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get the Cop Out Ready

Whoops. I didn't update Monday or Wednesday. Well, I've been busy.

As I mentioned here and there, I craft stuff. I want to do super cool things, but I'm still pretty novice. As I've also mentioned much less often, I'm unemployed. I was an employee and then later a manager at a fast casual restaurant for a total of four years, but due to a number of overwhelming situations, I put in my two weeks without having a back up plan. It's been almost a year since I took on the role of being a slacker and burden on my family, but I may have found an opportunity to make money through my crafting.

I made dis

The risks, fear of failure, and a general lack of confidence were the main reasons I avoided starting any kind of business or situation where I would attempt to sell my creations. A good friend of mine offered to host and sell my stuff alongside hers at the store where she works at no risk to me. I can see if my stuff is worth people's time and make a decision if I'm talented enough to invest money into starting a "business". Please give her crafts a look at her Etsy and if you're in the Ocean City/Maryland area, you can give her a visit at Shipwrecked, where she works and sells her crafts alongside a large variety of other merchants in the Maryland area.

I've been very occupied lately in making products, doubting myself, and sweating the small stuff. Along with having to take care of general other stuff in life, I haven't been playing any video games lately let alone Warcraft and haven't had inspiration to write any posts.

Last Sunday, we did play D&D for the first time in ages. We had two additional people, one of them who had never played before, and the format was a little different. I intended to write about our adventure, but unfortunately, we didn't finish the campaign. I may still write about it, but I still feel guilty about our last campaign that I had been writing about teetering off into the void without an ending. I don't want to do that again.

For the finale, my grandmother on my mother's side, an ocean away in Germany, passed away yesterday. I loved her very much and had always hoped I would have the motivation and confidence to learn German to the point where I could sit down and have a conversation with her for the first time in our lives, but I waited too long. Sometimes you think maybe you have life under control, but then you look around and realize you've basically been floating around in an inner tube through the ocean.

here's a cat so I don't end the post too sad

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