Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Addon Highlights - Master Plan

Addon Highlights are back! I originally stopped writing these due to the upcoming expansion release, not wanting to suggest any addons that would end up being abandoned or non-functioning after WoD release. Now that addon developers are on track, it's time to start it up again!

Today's feature is my favorite new garrison related addon, Master Plan.

Edited to note: Master Plan has changed a lot since I wrote this. It's being constantly updated, which is great! But that means it doesn't quite look or operate the exact same as when this post was written.

Master Plan gives you a lot more to work with in the missions UI. It gives you heaps of information, including automatically trying to create match-ups for missions and letting you know the percentage chance you will be able to muster for them with a few different combinations.

gives you multiple options, as well as calculating any epic mount traits
The auto group-fill is very nice, but note that it tries very hard to not enlist level 100 epic followers if the reward is only experience, since they can no longer benefit from experience. If you'd like the added benefit of a 100% success rate on an experience mission from an epic level 100 to carry some of your other followers, you may have to add them into the team yourself.

You can organize your missions list in different ways, including listing missions you are able to have a 100% chance of completing at the top.

It also has a condensed overview of the missions you sent your followers on, including information about them like who was sent, what the rewards are, and what percentage of a chance you had of completing it.

I take risks sometimes

When you hit continue, it finalizes the missions for you and tells you if you succeeded or failed each one before allowing you to continue to a rewards screen...

good work, guys!

...where it shows everyone who participated in missions, how much experience they received, if they leveled up or increased in quality, and whatever other rewards you got, including boxes of salvage.

includes a cute little level up animation on the portrait of anyone who leveled up

No more having to sit through each little fight scene when finalizing those completed missions!

It gives you more information that allows you to organize and manage your followers, like on the followers screen it shows you how many of each ability/trait you own...

including if you have zero with that trait

...and it also shows a numerical amount of experience needed by followers to level up or increase in quality.

Additionally, it allows you to check a box that organizes your followers by rarity rather than level/ilvl, for different ways to view and manage them.

While the default missions UI has everything you really need, I always enjoy additional ways to organize and manage things. This mod is possibly the best garrison mod out there - I've tried quite a few, some of them are missing certain things that would require multiple addons to accomplish and others just aren't as pretty. This is everything you need from a garrison addon in one neat package!

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