Friday, August 22, 2014

Addon Highlights Part 2

It's that time again for a couple more addon suggestions! I have a few mods that are great for low CPU usage and one that's just very handy.

Collect Me is a great mod that I just found out about. Collect Me will show you what mounts and pets you're missing, and you can filter based on things like the pet shop or TCG items.

When you mouse over the name of a mount or pet you're missing, it has a tooltip of how to acquire the missing item. There is also options within CM to create macros that let you mount a random mount or summon a random pet, however I use a different mod for this functionality that I like more (Livestock) and additionally, Blizzard is adding something like this into the default UI in Warlords.

Castbars is a lightweight castbar mod that allows a lot of customization. It does not automatically load the configuration options when the game loads and uses a lot of the default Blizzard code, which means it doesn't ask a lot from your machine.

It's actually fairly well known and it's definitely my favorite of the available castbar addons. The default options make the fill bar blue, but you can change that. You can change the shape and size and everything, so while it's not gorgeous, you can find a way to fit it to your UI.

Chinchilla is a lightweight minimap mod. I chose it over more popular options like SexyMap because it uses a lot less memory.

You can customize it to any size and shape, including choosing between making it a circle or a square, and even making just one or two corners square/curved. It has show/hide and movement options for all of the minimap elements, i.e. the calendar, clock, map, tracking etc.

Shadowed Unit Frames is my unit frame mod of choice. I used to use X-Perl, long long ago, but it became too high maintenance and was definitely using too much memory. Shadowed Unit Frames has your typical unit frame options and is about average memory usage.

It has options for boss frames as well, which is very handy for me. I have it to display only my debuffs on bosses, making it pretty simple to watch my dots and ensure I'm padding the meters as efficiently as possible. I also was able to make it show debuffs on my target's target for very simple tank swaps for bosses that force swaps with stacking debuffs. It focuses more on exclusively altering your unit frames, unlike some other mods that try to alter too many different UI elements.

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  1. Hi - I've only just found you blog - so apologies for such a late reply!

    I'm dabbling in off-tanking (Guardian) as we've lost some core people to MoP fatigue. Our main tank always tells me to taunt on so many stacks of x - but i struggle to find where this information is. Is Shadow Unit Frames the answer?

    1. Sorry for the late response, but yes SUF can absolutely do this. I set mine up for this exact purpose - you can set it so that the target's target's (i.e. the other tank) debuffs will show up without you having to target him or make him your focus target. It's also helpful because you don't also have to show buffs, you can just choose debuffs and keep clutter to a minimum. I hope this is still helpful information for you :)