Saturday, September 20, 2014

Not Just a Corner Anymore

I've changed names from Pascal's Warcraft Corner and I've been working on pulling this blog together - I enjoy writing really anything about WoW, but I felt like it's a bit chaotic updating twice one week, then once every day another week with no real consistency to the posts' content. 

I've been working out a schedule and a direction to go. I originally wanted to see how interested I could stay in writing blog posts and continuing to update before I worried about how the blog looked and whether or not I had a fancy name or an identity.

After using my own post material as a point of study, I noted that my primary themes tend to be helping others to play to their fullest potential, and making sure that they have fun doing it.

With these two themes in mind, moving forward Monday posts will be Advice where I talk about playstyles, goals, and performance hopefully to help inspire people to become even better players. Wednesday posts will pertain to the latter theme, though I feel that it is not a simple one word theme. Posts I feel encapsulate this theme are things like Class Swapping Dos and Don'ts and A Guild is More Than its Progression Ranking where the focus is to appreciate your class for what it is, remember to play with people you like, and to relax and consider how you play the game in relation to what would be the most enjoyable rather than reacting to buffs, nerfs, changes, and the like.

This is where my footnote to the blog title comes in, "play to win - win for fun," a decent phrase that I think pretty much describes how I feel about this game, and why I've been able to enjoy playing it for as long as I have.

Friday posts will be miscellaneous, and I'm looking to start writing about other games here and there. This is mostly why I'm leaving Friday open.

Saturday will remain Caturday and I'm trying to come up with ways to up the ante on it, as it's currently just a column of kitties - which is absolutely fine, but I think I could do better.

warcraft and cats always go well together

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