Saturday, September 20, 2014

Caturday, Spending All Week With Mew!

Caturday was a little late today for me, but nevertheless the best day of the week. We have some beautiful features from my own cats and some funny internet cats. 

laundry baskets are like improved boxes

Thanks as always for checking out my blog - I'm working on a schedule and I've been tidying up the place. At this point we're looking at maybe three posts a week aside from Caturday, and I'm looking to try writing about other games every now and then as well. Enjoy!

like what you see?

I... I thought I was hidden

what do you mean you wake up with a crick in your neck?

this. this is mine.

what do you mean we're out of coffee?!

strut, cool cat

my old mechanic was probably not a great choice

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