Monday, September 29, 2014

Passing Time Before Warlords

yes please
There's a little more than a month until Warlords of Draenor release on November 13th. We will likely see patch 6.0 soon, most people assume approximately a month before release (taking bets on the 14th of October), but the prepatch only adds so much excitement until the actual expansion release.

Many people have given up raiding and gearing up as most gear will be quickly outdated in the early zones of Draenor. However, if you are in a progression guild, remember that a lot of current gear, as discussed earlier, will be useful for quite a few levels into 100, aiding in leveling. If you are shooting for 100 ASAP, getting more normal and heroic mode gear will be beneficial.

I keep feeling excited to play, logging in, and not being able to think of anything to do. Knowing most of your efforts will be pointless in just over a month makes it hard to find something to do in game. Like probably a lot of you, I can't figure out how to not play Warcraft, so I've composed a handy list of things to do while waiting for November 13th!

1. Do LFR!

wait, don't

Crap, sorry, that was a bad one, hang on.

2. Roll an alt!

I've been around

Leveling alts can be cathartic, especially if you're into nostalgia. For the full experience, make sure to do plenty of low level dungeon groups to watch people mess up old mechanics and then blame someone else.

3. Play another game!

I didn't know what to put here

Someone suggested this - I actually don't understand it, but I promised I would include it.

4. Try roleplaying!

I think this is roleplaying

Some people play MMORPGs and miss out on the entire last half of it. "Role playing" is defined as,
"the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role."  
That, uh... Hm. So, anyway, role playing is when you pretend to be your character! Like cos playing or something but online I don't know.

5. AFK in shrine!

this is what I've been doing mostly

Find new and interesting ways and places to AFK in your faction's shrine! Some items that may help are [Ai-Li's Skymirror], [Shard of Archstone], and [Potion of Illusion].

6. Complain on forums!

make sure you complain in your class thread about how nerfed you're about to be, too

Since you yourself are a game developer, make sure everyone knows how you would fix all of the game's inarguable problems. Some people may attempt to disagree with you - they will be doing so just to annoy you, so make sure to respond to every negative comment or disagreement with venomous sarcasm and insults. Remember, only trollbait threads will get a lot of attention, so don't attempt to be constructive.

7. Take artistic or hilarious screenshots!

added bonus of finding unique places to go AFK

This is especially interesting if you have a place to put your screenshots, like twitter or a blog, to show all your friends and remind them that you are definitely bored out of your mind waiting for warlords to be released. Make sure to bring it up a lot.

8. Try to make some gold!

results not typical

The only currency that won't be changed, removed, or outdated will be gold. If you don't know how to make gold, I have an amateur guide to help you get started.

This lists only a few of the incredibly constructive ways that I've been spending my time in game lately. Hopefully you can find something exciting to do for the next 45 days!

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