Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Gamers Hate Being Sick

Being sick sucks, but it has its benefits. You get to call out of work or not go to school, stay home and - if you're really lucky - get taken care of by someone really awesome. The thing is, depending on what kind of sick you are, sometimes you can't do the one thing you'd really like to do.

When you're any kind of sick that affects your eyes, head, inner ear, etc., playing video games is painful. Sitting up to be at your computer makes you dizzy, looking at the bright screens makes your head throb. Then you try to play handhelds and realize it still sucks just as much, especially with that screen up in your face. You can try to play for a bit, but your instincts will start to kick in and yell at you for being an idiot.

instincts: go to bed dummy

So, thanks to a sudden, painful, and thankfully pretty shortlived sickness, I slept for about 2/3rds of the entirety of yesterday, missed my first raid this week, ate half a bag of sliced sandwich bread, and didn't wake up until noon today. It's also why you're getting this cop-out post, because I still feel kind of crappy.

Now, I'm gonna lie back down.

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