Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to Make a Liar Out of Yourself

I mentioned maybe one post ago that I'd be cutting back on scheduled posting days to help keep the pressure off me to write so often, hopefully resulting in consistent updates on the days I did have scheduled.

I am a liar.

I skipped out on Monday I apologize.

To make excuses, a lot of real lifey stuff happened before noon even rolled around, and then I spent six hours building this with a friend.

So, you know, clearly I'm a super busy person with many important busy adult things to do. Very seriously important things.

I have been playing Terraria lately, still. My friend who just started playing has the world I've mostly been in, so I don't really have access for any pictures right now. The world I was working on solo so I could play while he was busy is awful and I'm planning on scrapping it and starting over.

burn it down, burn it all down

I don't know, I'm so fickle with the overall structure of my Terraria homes. I absolutely detest symmetrical houses and yet I still somehow keep making the mistake of making the base structure of my home too symmetrical. Then I get frustrated, delete the entire world, and start over.

Too bad that kind of solution won't work on my life.

google image search results for 'rimshot'

But seriously folks, I'm drowning in a pit of writer's block, especially since the majority of my activities lately are not video game related and I stubbornly refuse to spread my writing topics away any further than I already have from the anchor of "more or less sort of video gamey or in any way relatable to video games."

And there's only so much I can write about Terraria.

So. Tah-dah!

that's all. I'm done. I tried.

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