Monday, July 27, 2015

More Terraria!

I've been binging on Terraria (again). There are two main, general idea aspects about Terraria that I really like. The first one is building houses and creating things.

uh, still a work in progress

The second one is exploring and fighting monsters and bosses.

and riding bees while being menacing toward penguins

Today, I'm gonna go on and on about the first one. My current baby world is just my creative hub where I retire to after creating new worlds, plunging them into chaos, murdering all of their inhabitants, and pillaging all their resources. I take my exploring, monster fighting, death machine character, and he becomes a peaceful house builder who frets over little details and wonder which kind of door he should use for each room.

Currently, I'm putting detail work into a few key areas.

The Kitchen

lots of things look like kitchen stuff
The mechanic thinks it's her room. A little grandiose for a bedroom, ma'am.

The Bar

faux-tiger pelt, of course

The witch doctor is apparently a huge lush because he won't leave.

The Bathroom

sharkbait brouhaha!

I love making bathrooms. I mean, huge houses with large numbers of people in them should probably have more than one, but I like this one. The marble is so elegant. I feel like it needs some French words.

The Fountain

I learned that you can't hang lanterns from platforms

But, I made one thing I really like, and the best part about my current house in progress is actually outside of the house.

When I started this world, there was a huge pool of water to the right and snow to the left. I went right. Waterfront property seems like a great idea.

My first real problem was the NPCs drowning. I didn't want to alter the natural layout of the ground and the water underneath the house too much, because the appearance was very nice to me. Even after building easy ways to get out of the water, they were still drowning.

look at those dumb fish

I made the wooden dock contraption after I gave up trying to build stairs and exits underground, so that we could just avoid the NPCs getting in the water altogether. The spawn point for the NPCs newly entering the world was literally in the water. Now, they spawn on the dock.

But there's something really cool under the water.

hey what's this

gasp, a door

pretty dark in here lemme just flick this lightswitch...

bam! secret underground training room

I wired the lights so that it isn't illuminated and visible while above ground, hence secret.

tah dah

I'm still working on it, of course. All those bare basics rooms with just tables, chairs, and lights all need to become something fancy! I appreciate a few basic levels of symmetry within rooms, but I can't stand an entire house to be symmetrical. I managed to avoid too much symmetry, so now it's just a matter of spicing up the place.

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