Monday, July 13, 2015

For Clarity

I'm a little weird about WoW right now. I haven't really played since the Wednesday after 6.2's release, but I've been thinking about it a lot. The thing is, I can't really play the game that I want to play.

I've written before about my early addictions to the game. I've been writing about some more particular, fond memories I have with a day in the past. I've only published two but I have others in the works. It's cathartic for me to write about my nostalgia with the game, but there's something weird about thinking about the game all the time but never actually logging in to play it.

I still follow a lot of Warcraft players and I see them talking about their shipyards, raids, and Tanaan and I feel like I'm missing so much. I don't dislike the 6.2 content - I wrote about how I was really into it when I played it. I've just been doing a lot of other stuff lately and I haven't had time to really sit down and play video games. It's not that I don't want to experience the new content, it's that when I sit down to play, I tend to, well, not get anything else done. Other things have been taking a higher priority than video games. I'm not exactly happy about that, but it's what it is.

it could be worse

I'm not sure why I haven't accepted my current status as a break, yet. I've been on the fence since last year about taking a break. I've sort of been drifting around, acting like I'm pseudo-active in the game, but I'm not really. I tried to pug one boss in the new raid and that's all I've seen of it. I haven't logged in about two and half weeks. I feel like part of what's kept me from officially "taking a break" has been my blog.

I'm officially accepting that I'm on hiatus. With the main source of inspiration for my blog writings on the backburner, I'm cutting back on scheduled post days, removing Friday from my schedule. My weekends have been significantly busy lately, so cutting back on post days should help keep me posting more instead of feeling overwhelmed and skipping a week. I'll still probably write about Warcraft related topics, but the vast majority of interesting topics usually stem from current, relevant content, which I won't be experiencing for the most part.

oh well

Maybe I'll be more active next expansion.

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