Saturday, August 16, 2014

Caturday Premier!

Along with being really into World of Warcraft, I'm also really into cats. On Saturdays, I'll be featuring some of my favorite cat pictures along with my favorite pictures of my own cats from that week. This is the only concrete day so far, but if you don't like cats don't worry! I'm still trying to think of a theme day or some sort of schedule for regular Warcraft posts. 

In honor of our first ever Caturday, here is some history behind my cats.

This is Toonaphish (Toona). He is a strawberry blonde false tabby. I know I sound posh, but his veterinarian actually pointed it out to us. His super big paws, and overall generally larger body type, along with the fact that he has eyebrows (similar to human eyebrows, not normal cat eyebrow-whiskers) point to him being a false tabby. He is currently about three years old.

This is Fishcake (Fish, or more often Fishy). He is a bengal-tabby mix. I swear, this was an accident. He is vocal and incredibly energetic - which are both traits of bengals - and the give away was his super long toes and brick-red nose. He was adopted at 8 weeks old. When we walked into the building, he was pacing and rubbing his face on his glass cage and I knew I was taking him home before I even met him. He is a little over a year old now.

Introductions are over, so enjoy my pick of these three fantastic cat pictures!

misunderstood metal kitten

see your problem is right here... you didn't convert kibbles to bits.

marshmallow fluff and stuff

Tune in next week for more cat pictures! Or, you know, regularly - for more World of Warcraft stuff.

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