Thursday, August 14, 2014

Transmogrification and Druids

I'm a big fan of transmog. One of the first things I did for each new alt I leveled was find them some gear for a good outfit. Finding a suitable transmog for my druid became an urgent situation when they introduced the [Glyph of Stars], finally allowing me to see my gear after so many years. I change my druid's transmog rather frequently, though gloves tend to always be a problem for me - I'm always struggling to find a matching pair of gloves. I've been collecting quite a lot of gear, so I'm really looking forward to the wardrobe function they said would be coming later on. Even with a full void storage, I'm looking at currently having three open bank slots out of 220, though I do have a good helping of other things that will be able to fit into the toy box.

I'm pretty happy about my current balance kit transmog...

...but my favorite transmog set is actually my guardian kit, which is unfortunate because I'm always a bear when I'm wearing it. I feel this outfit more embodies the feral side of a druid, which is why I just wouldn't use it for my balance kit (also because the polearm makes this outfit.)

I notice that some feral and guardian druids don't bother with transmog. It's a bummer because we already can't use a majority of costumes and disguises, and some that we were able to use before, they changed purposefully to disallow us from using them. I used to be able to use [Leyara's Locket] and I did so, regularly, but since those days it was changed to not allow us to use it anymore. I know they added the [Burning Seed] which only druids can use, and we can appreciate that, but I just don't see the difference between me looking like a night elf druid of the flame or me looking like a tauren druid.

Druids have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to appearances. After they added moonkin and tree of life form, no matter what specc you were you couldn't see your gear. Now you can only enjoy costumes if you're resto, but you better not have to use your tree of life cooldown or it's gone. I'm thankful that I can at least enjoy dressing up my balance druid, but the best I get for variety while feral or guardian is [Glyph of the Chameleon].

There are always more important things to worry about and I'd rather there be focus on gameplay and class balance rather than whether or not druids can use costumes, but it irked me a bit when I saw that I could no longer use my druid of the flame costume when I used to be able to. 

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