Saturday, November 8, 2014

And Suddenly Caturday!

Hey! I know I haven't updated in quite awhile. Life was taking me on a bit of a ride and I missed a day, then I felt bad... then I missed another day, and I missed so many days that I was avoiding updating because I was upset that I had broken my consistent schedule.

toona and fish were not ready for caturday

Well, I'm fixing that today, and keeping true to my schedule - since it's Saturday, it's time for some cats!

toona was ready for halloween though!

One of the reasons I was missing is because I've been busy with real life. My boss (more or less) is a cat lover, too, and he has a big old marshmallow who helps file his paperwork!


And we of course saw some new cat battle pets with the latest Hallow's End! I got both of mine, I hope you did too. They are cageable, therefore you can buy them on the auction house, but prices can get expensive on lower pop servers!

I named them Misty and Dusty

Of course, Warlords is THIS COMING THURSDAY and therefore my Friday and Saturday posts will be up in the air. Monday will be an update about my leveling experience! See you in Draenor!

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