Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Healer's Best Friend

As I've mentioned before, I play a balance druid - and have for quite awhile. From the release of the dungeon finder tool until a bit before patch 6.0.2, I used my offspec to tank and get instant queues, but I decided to switch things up this time around, so my dedicated Warlords offspec is restoration.

It's more convenient - I can use all the same gear and consumables - but I also have to remember what mana is and get used to remembering to carry water. On that note, though, there is an amazing item that I just can't get over how good it is.

The item, [Ever-Blooming Frond], is a reward from a quest given to you by a traveler in your garrison's Inn. This of course requires the Inn to be built in your garrison to pick up the quest.

The frond can only be used out of combat, but it recharges your mana in a flash. I really love this item because sometimes tanks like to do things like pull before I'm ready, especially boss fights. Even without emergency situations, it's nice to use to to keep up the pace, and I can imagine it will be a godsend for healing gold challenge modes. I also like to use it when swapping specs leaves me with no mana.

Edited to add: I did just learn that it's not usable in raid instances! Sad day. :(

The Inn rewards all kinds of cool things, and not only pets and toys, but repeat quests can reward you with high amounts of gold and large quantities of certain kinds of crafting materials. It's also how you get [Millhouse Manastorm] as a follower!

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