Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...and a Happy New Year, I Guess

wake me up for 6.1
I've had a bit of a falling out with Warcraft lately. My guild isn't too healthy and I've been occupied with other hobbies, so there isn't much of a drive to write about WoW stuff.

I know I won't stop playing WoW. I've taken several not insignificant breaks from the game before - the majority of them being due to guild complications - and I kind of feel like one might be coming up soon because of this situation.

I really won't know for sure what's going on with my guild until after the new year, since our last raid days of the year fell right on top of the holidays, along with a large chunk of people just not playing due to other holiday obligations. If I take a break, it would become a chore to write about WoW when I'm not currently interested in it. I personally enjoy writing, though. I don't feel like I want to stop writing just because I'm temporarily disenchanted with the game. This leaves me wondering what I should do.

The intention was that this would be a Warcraft blog, though I've already broken that rule with caturday. I briefly considered creating a second blog, but that seems disjointed and uncomfortable. My blog isn't even a hugely popular thing, it seems overcompensating to start an entirely new blog just to put this one on a haitus. That's why I've decided to start writing about other stuff. It was a pretty simple conclusion - I have some things going on that are very transcribe-worthy, and technically I can write about whatever the hell I want.

However, with that statement, I can attest to the fact that the majority of things that will be composed will still revolve around a theme of role-playing and gaming. I won't suddenly start writing restaurant reviews or about television shows. If I feel something is far too much of a stretch away from the general idea of this category of thing, I will probably not write about it - not just out of an attempt to keep things somewhat relevant, but because that's where my writing interests lie. Not everyone who enjoys WoW will find the coming subjects interesting, but I won't suddenly be writing about trains or cupcakes or something.

or both at the same time

Who knows, I may not even fall out of WoW entirely. I've never been one to stop playing the game and say it's because it's boring and Blizzard doesn't know what they're doing etc. If someone were to bring up WoW I would be delighted to talk to them about it, even if I hadn't played in a month. We'll see where things go, this blog was never in its final form and it's been changing since I started it while I try to find a comfortable spot for myself in this little corner. 

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