Wednesday, December 3, 2014

World of Clash of Clans - Now on Android!

put your follower tokens into the loot slot machine!
I've noticed a lot of discussion about follower missions being uninteresting. The whole process is reminiscent of a time-gated mobile app game that doesn't actually require you to "play" or interact with the process in any way other than setting it into motion.

While I can see where they are coming from with their opinion, I think that one of the biggest things keeping people from enjoying the aspect of follower missions is that they aren't looking at it from within the game.

What I mean from this is people are looking at follower missions as a drag and drop UI function that spits out gold and loot rather than what it represents.

The followers are your personal army, these people you have impressed or rescued who have decided that you are a commander worthy of following around the savage lands of Draenor. Read the missions before you send them off, look at what they are actually doing - patrolling your garrison to keep out intruders, rescuing people where they have heard signs of distress, delving into dungeons and even raid instances, vanquishing monsters on your behalf.

they only need three people to do a heroic dungeon? cheaters

The whole system is interesting in itself - the followers each have abilities and traits that you have to match up with the demands of the missions, requiring that you manage your actual followers to get enough diverse abilities to counter the kind of trials they will be facing. You can't have an army of followers who can only counter two or three kinds of monster abilities and do very many missions. The system requires management and thought, just as you would employ while considering what kind of army to put together.

always need some tanks, can't all just be gunmen

Similar principles are found in tactical role-playing (or turn based strategy) games like Fire Emblem, where you have an army of people with different kinds of abilities that can counter specific kinds of things, and you pick and choose who goes into a battle based on what they will face in that battle.

The parallels between follower missions and other aspects of gaming is interesting to perhaps only specific kinds of people. Not everyone who plays World of Warcraft is going to enjoy games like Tactics Ogre and maybe that's where the disparity for those who dislike follower missions comes into play. I'm actually a huge fan of tactical role-playing games, but I suppose that's not surprising.

tactics ogre - does require a bit more interaction than follower missions though

The inclusion of follower missions is just another notch in the belt for something that WoW has been doing and does very well - including loads of different kinds of things to do in game, for different kinds of people. If you don't want to do follower missions, you don't have to do them. If you don't think they're fun, but you want the rewards from them, you have little room to complain - follower missions are the closest Blizzard has come to "sending you gear in your mailbox" just for playing.

except for I guess The Postmaster

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