Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rep Grinds - Better With Friends!

I'm kind of into farming reptuations
With Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard wanted to move away from the reputation grinds gated behind dailies. You were only able to raise your reputation with a faction a certain amount per day, as there wasn't anything else you could do. No repeated turn ins, no farmable mobs, just dailies. A few reputations were farmed with mobs of course, like Black Prince rep and Emperor Shaohao (which wasn't added until later). They added a few other things, like championing a faction to give you bonus rep when doing a random dungeon, but for the most part you could only do a little bit a day.

The reputations in Warlords are gated behind farming mobs. The Steamweedle Preservation Society has a neat system of repeatable turn ins, but those are all from mobs when all is said and done. It's more interesting, but at its core it's the same.

I'm just carrying around a skull, you know

I have my trading post and am currently farming Frostwolf Rep to unlock that sweet reputation gain increase. I was going to start with the Preservation Society, but I realized my Frostwolf rep was already revered. I did all the quests, so now all I can do is farm mobs. Forever.

I farmed Emperor Shaohao rep. It was actually the subject of one of my very first blog posts. I really enjoyed it because I liked pulling a ton of mobs and aoeing them down while kiting them around and healing myself. The thing is, I can't really do that now. The mobs and the areas where I'm farming rep are rather tough, and whether I live or die rests almost entirely on my [Nature's Vigil] cooldown, unless I kill mobs one or two at a time which is boring enough to make me uninstall the game.

I'm very much a solo player. I sometimes go so far as competing with someone for taps rather than grouping with them. I'm seeing now, though, that I'm not going to get anywhere with this Frostwolf rep if I don't group up. I very hesitantly made my own custom group in the premade finder for Magnarok reputation farming. I was disheartened as no one signed up at first, but after about five minutes I got my first party member. It took about 20 minutes but we got a group of five people to slaughter monsters for the favor of the Frostwolves.

my posse

It was actually really fun. They followed me around as I pulled groups of mobs with starfall and ran around. It made me a little nervous, being the leader, but it seemed to be going very smoothly. I've been in Magnarok a dozen times, so I'm used to a decent route for respawns. We didn't talk much - what else is new - but these adventurers and I murdered a good few hundred monsters before I retired due to having to raid.

behold the devastation

I could farm mobs on my own, but there's no way it would be as lucrative without a group of people. I'm not very sociable and I get anxious in groups, let alone forming my own group of people. It works, though, and I'm already halfway to exalted. The trading post is the only building I have left to upgrade and then I have a bunch more faaaantastic reputations to grind until my eyes bleed. Happy farming!

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