Monday, March 30, 2015

The Tragic Ending

How ironic that not a few days after I post about the sad state of small raiding guilds due to Warlords' new raiding system, my guild finally kicks the bucket.

After putting up quite a fight, I'm honestly more surprised that we lasted as long as we did. The only reason I thought we could even pull through was due to our tenacity - but we took a huge hit as three of our best members, one an officer, split off.

Our GM had tried very hard to keep things together, but with this hit, he just gave up. I don't blame him. I was acting recruitment officer and I had been trying pretty hard to find people, but there was just no response. It seemed hopeless, but I figured as long as we had the people we had, we could eventually endure through it. That, of course, would have required keeping those people.

My GM sent me some flasks and pots and a heartfelt message.

I wasn't planning on raiding this week anyway, I have a lot going on. Unfortunately, I'm also sick and have been all weekend. I didn't make my Caturday post due to being sick and miserable, and writing this has actually been an ordeal.

I was going to write about Kirin again, but since I missed Caturday, I'll just let you know that he's been doing very well after getting the medicine from the vet and his lymph nodes have gone down to normal size. He's still active and eating.

and majestic as all get out

I might take a break from raiding entirely, though this would be the third time I've run into this issue. My guild dissolves, I quit raiding, and have a lot of trouble finding a decent new guild when I get back. I was thinking about not raiding again at all until next expac entirely, then finding a new guild while everyone is on equal footing. I might just tag along with some other guild now and then without actually committing to joining, so that when I do want to raid for real again, I can 'leave' without leaving. Being in three guilds in the last ten years until their very end, I think it's accurate for me to say I have a heavy sense of guild loyalty. I don't like to 'use' guilds as stepping stones.

So, yeah. Sad end to a valiant effort, but like I said myself, Warlords' destruction of 10 man raiding guilds will only result in tons of smaller guilds breaking up - and mine was one of the unlucky ones.

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