Saturday, March 14, 2015


I didn't post yesterday because on Wednesday I got a new phone and for a few days I forgot that the internet can also be accessed on a computer. I'll make it up to you with today's Caturday!


Kirin are a mythological creature, a faction of mages, a monster in the Monster Hunter series, and also a kind of beer.

goat/deer/dragon/unicorn depending on how you feel at the time apparently

a lawful neutral collection of the most powerful mages in Azeroth

I haven't fought it but I think this is also in MH4U cuz like that would make sense

this is pretty good as an aside

He is also my new cat.

oh hi

using treats to make him love me

being overly dramatic

Despite all these things he could be presumably named after, his name actually comes from the original name that his foster family had given him, Kiernan, which is Irish for "little black one". I kept tripping over my words when I tried to say it and mostly kept saying 'Kirin', which I decided can be his nickname.

He is a four month old tuxie. He also might have lymphoma.

queue sad violin

He's super happy and active with a healthy appetite, though.

kitten play time!

We're currently going through some testing with the vest to see what exactly is wrong with him and if it can be cured.

I told a rude joke

we brought him to our friend's house
he found out he could fit under the ottoman

Lymphoma is unfortunately not curable, though he may have some kind of infection or chronic condition instead. They still don't know for sure.

I don't have any pictures of her, but we adopted a kitten previously a few years ago that got an infection and died six days after we brought her home. I don't have any pictures of her, but suffice to say she looked like an angel. When we found out Kirin may have a deadly, incurable disease, it was more than heartbreaking, but he seems to be doing fine and the vet still doesn't know completely what is wrong with him. Hopefully it's something we can pop a few antibiotics into him to fix.

I have a few vines of Kirin being cute as well. I didn't want to embed them because they autoplay which is something that annoys me, so I didn't want to annoy you. Check them out at your leisure!

Hopefully Kirin will be okay. Luckily, he's super happy and getting along great with Toona and Fish, so if worse does come to worst, he will have been a happy kitten.

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