Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brave Caturday

My favorite cat picture this week:

everything about this is perfect, a caption cannot improve it

Following my trend of making themed Caturdays (since that seems a bit more organized than just posting pictures of cats willy nilly), today I have some of my favorite brave cats.

I'm only comfortable with the looming threat of certain doom


respect my authoritah

excuse me, you get yourself outta here

you'd best back up, son

A quick YouTube search for brave cats bring up some pretty impressive videos. Though no one would question the ferocity of a tiger, people are pretty skeptical about the ambition of their purring space heater, especially when you have cats like my Fishcake who panics when anyone does anything ever, or Toona who leaped off of me in pure terror when I dropped my DS stylus on him the other night.

One of my favorite videos of a brave cat, though, is the following. This cat comes to the rescue of a boy attacked by a dog in a show of both an instinct to protect her family and could-not-give-fewer-shits courage, things not usually attributed to cats.

Sure, dogs are more universally considered to be the protective house pet, and I sure can't say that I think my cats would save me from danger...

not the face or fluffy belly of a hero

but there are some no-nonsense cats out there.

Whether you have a guardcat or a roly poly space heater, enjoy your Caturday!

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