Wednesday, March 18, 2015

100th Post Celebration

So I've made it to 100 blog posts. Some of them may be garbage cop-outs or little updates, but it's sort of like having 600 days of played time even though at the very least 100 of them are afking in the auction house or alt-tabbing.

Misleadingly, my last post was my 100th post, not this one. Whoops - but, still, here I am. 100 posts about World of Warcraft, cats, D&D and various other video games.

your typical internet fare

I was aware my 100th post was coming up back around my 94th, but I sort of forgot about it when we found out Kirin might have cancer last week, so it snuck up on me. I didn't know what I was going to do for my 100th post then (which accidentally ended up being about my failed guild merger), and I still don't know what to write now. At first I thought maybe it could be a little bit about myself, maybe my gaming or Warcraft history, but then I thought, who the hell wants to read that?

that's who

Then I got sidetracked about other stuff and forgot to think of something.

With this in mind, I'm going to just write stuff because I can, and if you read it, you're the best, and if you like it, then I like you.

I had my own ideas about how my blog would end up when I started it: I envisioned this organized collection of thoughtful, well written Warcraft posts, the stuff I'd been keeping in a jumbled pile on the desk in my brain for the last ten years. While I've managed to keep a semblance of consistency in terms of format and style, I'm writing about stuff willy nilly and can't even come up with a decent 100th post.

but for real

So, you know.

I started thinking about what I could write for this post. "I have to have a good idea in here, somewhere," I thought, shuffling through my brain filing cabinet while throwing papers and neurons everywhere.

I was going to write about the development of my blog and how I'd rather write about things I enjoy than try to adhere to some kind of successful blogging habits or method to try and get a large following of viewers, but ironically I decided that it wasn't interesting enough to write about.

I thought, maybe I could pick my all time favorite game to write about, and then I was like, oh wait -

I've been doing that this whole time, that really wouldn't be a special occasion

I already wrote about when I started playing WoW.

I already wrote about my previous guilds and raiding history.

I already wrote about my cats on my very first Caturday.

I've already covered a ton of topics, really. The only thing I haven't written about that I had said I would one day was about the really awful guild I was in during mid-Cata until 5.2 in MoP. I've mentioned it many times, though I tend to not go too into detail because when I start on about it, boy, you can't shut me up. I mentioned them in The PUG Stigma and let me just admit that I had to trim about four paragraphs out because it was highly irrelevant - I had just started ranting.

I don't think that's a great 100th post, though, either. I don't know, man. I want to deliver for this special occasion, but I guess I got nothin'.

this post basically

I suppose it doesn't matter as long as I write about what I enjoy. Typically you'll put a little more heart into writing about something you care about, making it more interesting to read. At least, I mean, I would hope that's what happens, though I don't imagine many people are reading my blog because they hate it. I'm nowhere near popular enough to have haters. Maybe one day I'll be well known enough to have some people dedicate their time toward being offended on a personal level about my existence, but for now I'm going to assume most of you people reading these words are here because you get something positive out of it.

And for that, I'd like to let you know that I appreciate that you've taken time out of your day to read this collection of words I've organized into complete thoughts, because without the artificial attention I receive through my closely monitored page view counter, I may as well be saying all these things to my cat instead of typing them out.


-Kirin Update-

The vet called with his tissue test results the other day. He very likely is being affected by some sort of reaction to an infection rather than cancer, though it still could possibly be cancer. We got some antibiotics for him and we're supposed to administer it twice daily for ten days and see if he gets any better. If he does, then good it was an infection, if he doesn't, probably cancer.

I'm acting nonchalant about it but it's actually stressing me out a lot

It really seems like he's getting better, though. His lymph nodes are undeniably smaller than they were when we first brought him to the vet, though they are still noticeable. It is possible that he has more than one thing wrong with him, though, so I'm hesitating to celebrate until I can't even find those nodes anymore.

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