Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Mews

Welcome to Monday's cop-out post! I've been really busy today.

working hard or hardly working ahahahah ok sorry

No, but really.

The house is really coming together and today I put up another shelf in the pantry,

the glorious snack shelf

hung some more blinds,

now strangers can't see how dirty my kitchen is

along with a various assortment of other chores, like fixing a door hanger that had its holes stripped, hanging the smoke detectors (which was after the above picture - as you can see, they were just placed on surfaces), spackling a large number of holes that had originally been missed the first go around, dabbing some paint in tight corners and edges that still had the old colors showing, and blah blah blah.

Then I got caught up after I unpacked a few of the remaining untouched boxes, which contained all of my crafting stuff.

I meticulously put mostly everything away...

still uh kinda working on it

and in the process of unpacking other things, I had found a large amount of old jewelery - mostly necklaces purchased at the Renaissance Faire - and disassembled them with plans to give them new life in more exciting crafting projects in the future!

I cleaned and polished them! uh, more or less

So, I mean, this is sort of an entry, but it's not very exciting and didn't require a lot of effort, so I've classified it as a cop out. Happy Monday!


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