Friday, April 24, 2015

Warcraft - Obligation Free

I've been playing WoW infrequently lately, so when I do log on, I don't "have time" to do my garrison chores on all my alts or make sure I go get all my seals for the week on my 100s. I don't want to sit in queue for LFR for my runes and looking for heroic raid pugs is usually too much of a pain to even consider as an option. Instead, I just do whatever I feel like.

ooOoOoO I'm the ghost of Thunder Bluff!

It feels odd.

People have routines in game to make sure we get all our cooldowns, dailies, and weeklies done to stay up to date. Before I can actually do anything fun, I have to log on every alt and use my profession cooldowns, send all my followers on missions, pick my herb gardens and tromp through my mines over and over again. If it's been a new week since I've played, I have to do each LFR on my 3 100s, find premade raids for all applicable bosses, get all my seals, and hire followers from my alts' inns.

Except I really haven't felt like doing any of that lately. I do, however, think it would be fun to log onto a lowbie alt for awhile. I think some Ashran might be fun. I'd like to find some new transmog gear for an alt I don't even play.

like this 90 worgen druid I have for some reason

At first, it was actually stressful. "Am I really not going to do those things? I can't just not!" But, I totally can.

It feels uncomfortable to get on and not do those things. It's like, if I'm going to play, I should take this time to make sure I don't fall too far behind while I'm busy not playing! But I'm like, why am I even going to do that? Is stuff like this the reason I don't feel like playing? When I had the thought of logging on just to do those things and log out - since I didn't feel like playing for more than an hour or so - I ended up just not playing at all. Logically, I should just log in and do whatever I feel like.

oh look I have another low level druid on a random server

Sometimes I still do those things. I pugged Thogar the other day to try and get my tier shoulders, which I got outrolled for on the last second but I think the raid leader may have ninja'd them anyway so it was a waste of time either way.

I've been able to enjoy playing WoW this way the last week or so since I've been logging in. I still feel a little stressed out that I'm falling behind, but it's more important that I actually enjoy playing a game rather than feel stressed out because I'm not playing it the most effective way possible. 

I feel like a lot of the negativity comes out of the garrison. Each of my characters have their own little 'town' that they're in charge of managing and they live there by themselves with a few repetitive NPCs. I've started standing around in Warspear instead of in my garrison, and it just feels... better.

this... this feels right

I'm not sure if it's just me becoming harder and harder to impress as the years go by, or if Warlords really did fail to fit the bill. I don't think I'm able to tell the difference. The fact that I'm having more fun when I don't focus on my garrison makes me think it might just be the garrison. I like garrisons, but maybe I don't. I literally don't know. I'm not a psychologist.

World of Warcraft shouldn't be so complicated, so I'm just gonna log in when I feel like and do whatever I feel like doing.

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