Saturday, April 18, 2015

Home Sweet Caturday

Since we moved, the three cats have been a bit skittish as they are settling in, but this is Toona's third move and Fishcake's second, while technically also being Kirin's second (although the first time he moved, it was when we adopted him!)

where have you taken me?

Kirin has been the most brave, exploring in the face of danger and unfamiliar noises and not batting an eye at 'strangers'. Fishcake hid under the couch for five hours when we got here, but Toona was the one who hid from the Verizon technician. Both Toona and Fish hide when the door opens, though occasionally a loud noise will scare all three under the couch.

I have a few pictures of them adjusting to their new home for you this Caturday, so please forgive me for my own little show off of my own cats!

watching the cars drive by, a new phenomenon for him

at least he recognizes his old furniture

"I can't deal with these people ugh"

time to relax with some sunbathing

and we wouldn't forget Fish's favorite toy

moving is exhausting!

Regular updating should be back soon, I'm still pretty preoccupied with settling in myself. Have a great Caturday!

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