Saturday, April 25, 2015

Get Out the Way! It's Caturday!

Since I started blogging again after my move, I found more Warcraft related topics to write about than I had thought I would. I've really just been doing so much house-related stuff that there aren't even other topics to write about. I may do a Story of Seasons post, but I've only been able to play it for a few hours - only seven so far. Today, however, my post always explains itself for me.


Today's not a theme post because the pictures I found that I liked vary too much. Without further ado, here are the pictures I found today that made me make noises that would have warranted strange looks if I had been in public.

looking at this makes my head feel funny

oh my gosh could you just back up for like one minute


...the dog did what with the litter box?

Merry Caturday to all, remember to stay warm and fuzzy.

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