Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Complex Relationship With PvP

I don't dislike PvP. I used to do it in classic and TBC a lot, but after my run around with arena and the vast amount of changes, including resilience, it brought into the game under the pretense of "balance", I fell out of interest with it.

I played with my friends and my guild, but I hovered around rank 4 for the majority of my PvP career until I finally decided I was determined enough to work my way up.

I climbed the ranks of the old honor system in pursuit of glory, purples, and cool mounts, until I learned about the changes to honor coming in 2.0. I stopped stressing about it and just waited until honor would be an accumulated point system, but as with many things I didn't do back in vanilla, it would have been neat if I had kept going with it and had earned a higher rank than 9 to show off in my feats of strength.

In TBC, I went into the new, infant version of arena full of awe and excitement. I thought it was really cool - until my first class combination, that I reached 1900 with during season one but lost the ranking before it mattered, got nerfed. Then people started to get the idea that they should just reroll whatever the best class is and we faced nothing but affliction/resto druids and warrior/priests. I went resto on my druid and joined a rogue/spriest 3v3 but we couldn't get very far.

still got a cool arena weapon

Clearly, it was all my fault, but when they replaced me with a high ranking resto druid who agreed to carry them, I whispered him and asked how it was and what he could suggest for me to improve. His response was along the lines of, "you're probably fine whatever you're doing, the spriest is actually awful."

Oh. Well, whatever I guess.

Disinterest in dealing with the drama pushed me out of ever attempting arena seriously again, though I did often point cap for free purples in 2v2 with friends. Making the decision to decide to PvP was always a hassle in the first place, since balance druids were not exactly the top of the list of specs to play. I would frequently work toward resto or feral gear but, while it was still pretty fun, I always wished I could casually PvP as balance without having to be as good at the few super hero top tier balance druids just to enjoy the occasional battleground.
I tried PvPing a bit in Cataclysm, but it was a disaster. It was an impossible constant trainwreck. I tried hopping in halfway through the expansion - if you're unfamiliar with what that entails, it's like trying to tank an end game mythic boss in your dungeon blue jeans.

I'm under there somewhere

Even if my team won once in awhile, I did nothing but get stomped over and over the second someone targeted me. The idea of having to farm gear just to get to a place where melting wasn't my character's reaction to being attacked made me entirely uninterested in even trying.

I don't think I entered a battleground more than twice in Mists - I happened to win on my first try in both battlegrounds that were necessary for the legendary quest - but after finding that I had nothing of interest to do in game since my guild broke up, I started PvPing yesterday.

It was a lot of fun. Resilience on gear is gone, which gets a big applause from me since it makes it entirely possible to join in my PvE gear without getting trainwrecked over and over. There were a couple games where my team got obliterated, but even in the midst of facing against a competent, cooperative team that wiped the floor with us, I didn't instantaneously melt when a single warrior found the location of my face. That's really all I could ask for.

I didn't die for like at least 35 seconds

I'm incredibly unfamiliar with the newer battlegrounds. I get Eye of the Storm, but some battlegrounds I was joining, I didn't even know existed. I opted out of Isle of Conquest because I must have been in there at least 50 times and I still have zero idea what to do.

I'm definitely not a top notch PvPer, but whatever they did recently has made it possible for me to go into some battlegrounds and actually enjoy myself. I have no idea what's going in rated battlegrounds and arenas, but from a disenchanted PvE raider whose guild just dissolved, Blizzard gets a thumbs up from me.

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