Friday, February 27, 2015

Hallelujah Heirlooms

With 6.1 we saw a revamp of the heirloom system - MMOC has a short little video about it if you haven't seen it yet, or you can read the screencap summary below!

Previously, before Warlords, heirlooms were datamined to be available to purchased with gold at release, but they scrapped that and they were unable to be purchased at all for quite awhile, except with darkmoon faire tickets, with the promise of a future new heirloom system. I wrote a bit about my baseless theories on the impacts of removal of the valor point system, like months ago, but it looks like heirlooms are just about the only things that are able to be purchased with gold, and apexis crystals are the 'new valor points'.

wait why can't I use these

With the new system, you can upgrade heirlooms to scale to level 100, making leveling your tons of level 90 alts you have because of the content drought during Mists (if you haven't already) way easier! I leveled one of my stagnating level 93 alts all the way to 100 in one day, which was yesterday, thanks to the new system, then promptly upgraded its garrison fully, spending all of my accumulated resources from collecting my cache every day for the last two months.

Before the announcement of the removal of heirlooms, or the announcement of the new system, I had almost every heirloom. The only ones I didn't have were some of the plate and some of the very specific weapons, like the [Reforged Truesilver Champion], since they had reasonable alternatives that I had already purchased. I had to log onto alts on some obscure servers that I had since forgotten about to get all my heirlooms registered, and I was pretty peeved to find out that mailing my [Inherited Insignia of the Alliance] that I had to search for on one of my dozens of low level worgen rogue alts (I... I have a problem) to a horde character did not automatically switch to the horde insignia and I had to purchase that.

my guilty pleasure

While I couldn't stand leveling alts yet this expac, deep down I'm an alt addict. While I haven't been leveling them, I got them all high enough for garrisons so I could get all their profession buildings up and running and collect resources. After the heirloom system revamp, I'm out about 80,000 gold from all the upgrading I did. You can complete some quests to get the tokens for free, but it takes longer than just buying them. The lazy upper middle class wins again!

Unfortunately, the copies of your heirlooms you create from the collections tab don't have the enchants your original heirlooms had, so it's beneficial to keep those if you had enchanted ones. It's nice to be able to create infinite copies of your heirlooms, but if you have very fancy enchants on your original ones, you still need that bank alt or you sacrifice your enchants. Additionally, your pre-existing heirlooms scale up to 90/100 when you upgrade the ones in your collection, so you don't have to worry about re-enchanting them just to have enchanted heirlooms for 90-100.

My favorite aspect of the new system, oddly enough, is probably just being able to see that I have all of them in a collection. It really doesn't do anything about the hassle of mailing them back and forth between alts if you're a compulsive min/maxer. I don't see myself not using my enchanted heirlooms, specifically on low level alts considering things like +30 spell power on my [Dignified Headmaster's Charge]. All in all, I think it's a good system.

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