Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big Caturday!

Welcome to Caturday! Today we're celebrating the animals your cat thinks he is - the big cats.

oh jeeze much scarier than your cat

Big cats are not the ones we domesticated into your lazy little purr machine. No, that would have been quite the accomplishment - house cats are likely descended from domesticated wild cats, quite literally wild... cats, that looks sorta like your basic tabby, but, you know, wild. Still, it's all relative, and your fluff ball shares a lot of similarities with these ferocious teeth and claws that make up big cats.

Big cats like boxes, as we explored previously, and they play with toys and lay on their backs and act adorable just like our cats.

they need much bigger toys of course

the ball was only inflated for a few moments

they even have a fascination with your christmas tree

Of course, big cats can roar - something ours can't do (and neither can cheetahs) - and the biggest of the big cats can't purr. Smaller wild cats, like pumas and lynxs, can purr, but their purrs are pretty intimidating. They all have retractable claws, they have scent glands in their face that they rub all over everything, and they're both adorable and fluffy.

and giving me the same look my cats give me

Just, I wouldn't recommend cuddling with a lion - unless you're one of those lucky people who's spent years of effort and training to not be murdered by them.

like this guy

You can't just take a wild cat and domesticate it - our cats are used to generations of being fed meat from a can and living in houses. Some people rehabilitate orphaned or injured big cats in their homes or at zoos, but in general, you really can't just have a tiger as a pet. However, there are domesticated hybrid breeds of cat called savannahs and bengal cats. They have wild cat patterns and can get pretty big. They are the result of successful breeding between wild and domestic cats. They require special care - my cat Fishcake is only a small part bengal, and his attitude and behaviors are still vastly different my fat and happy tabby Toona.



Both cats are pretty awesome, but personally I would still recommend that if you get a cat, you rescue or adopt. Fishcake was adopted and coincidentally happened to be part bengal, so there's always a chance!

So enjoy hanging out this Caturday, and see you later!

get it, hanging out? ahahah.

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